Everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain. but u can't have a rainbow without any rain :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Hyeeeee !

Lama gila tak update blog. haha .
Tetapi, hari ni , nk update sbb rasa happy sgt .

Yeah , just want to say . I'm very happy di atas kemenangan berturut-turut . First, dpt best dress utk dinner, Malam Citra Wangsa. Second, menang utk Festival Colours of The World 2011 a.k.a FESCO di UTP . Yawww! 2nd place for Best Performance and 3rd place for Best Costume . *Big claps !*Berbaloi baloi usaha selama ini,walaupun kipas tersangkut kat kain time perform =.=
*vuduh punya benang*

Alhamdulillah ;)

Aaaaaaa. malas gila nk buat final report S.A.D . Duhh !

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

omg . scary gila . final exam is just around the corner and I didn't well prepare for this semester. Carry marks mcm ape plak kan :(

by the way, I HATE YOU .
Did you realize ? Tak phm bahasa kot ?
okay BYE !

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Promise ? go to the hell !

Ohhmg . Igot LIARS today . Nice nice .
What the hell are "uowllsss" thinking about ?
It's just wasting my money , wasting my time just for u , dead fish !
I Hate you for the second chance I gave to u .
YOU totally f***ing serious push away the chances .

Ohh never mind ! At least I know the truth today *clapclap* and I was totally upset !
Put down your face in the carcass dustbin until I can't see you anymore !
All mans are same !
I hate guys and don't ever make me become a lesbo . *totally crazy*